BOOM has commissioned a 750t All Terrain Crane in Melbourne, the third in its fleet nationally of this crane type.

The cranes have been strategically positioned to operate from depots in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, supporting projects in the wind and infrastructure markets.

The Liebherr LTM1750-9.1 was selected by BOOM for its superior capability and ease of road access. The crane offers significant capacity at height using the TYVE2N combinations and the 19m V2E extension allows unparalleled reach. Where once a full lattice boom was required, the LTM1750 can safely and effectively perform the necessary lifts.

BOOM CEO, Tony Spassopoulos commented, “we are working at 55 Southbank Boulevard in central Melbourne this week, the crane has demonstrated exceptional height and reach using the boom extension. It allows great flexibility in outrigger positioning, and provides a fast and cost-effective solution for our client.”

In line with its plans to offer clients the benefits of latest technology advancements, BOOM will offer the crane upgrades to 800t announced by Liebherr after their release. The capacity and configuration upgrades on BOOM’s three cranes are expected to be available later in 2020.