‘Everything begins with the customer’

CEO Tony Spassopoulos

BOOM offers a complete project service across all sectors across Australia. We provide project assurance to free up your key resources and help you concentrate on your core business activities.

We see every project as an opportunity to innovate and find better ways of doing things, saving money and time. Our promise is to deliver above customer expectations every day with exceptional service and skill.

Because of our growing reputation, major industry is increasingly taking advantage of our diverse service delivery. Over our many years of deep industry experience delivering highly complex projects with world class execution skills, we help our clients manage their production costs to maximise their own onsite labour teams.

We can help support you to build new bridges, construct and install wind farms, maintain your heavy plant and equipment on your mine site, optimise your existing infrastructure or handle everyday maintenance across your rail and telecommunications network.

Our team of asset management and maintenance specialists work in strategic planning focusing on asset allocation. All works are planned and managed via a best practice centralised asset maintenance system to ensure all projects achieve key millstones, on time and on budget.

Trusting and ensuring the reliability of our assets will ensure you meet your project delivery.

We are proud of our excellent track record for repeat business and continue to invest in long-term relationships with our clients.

Mining and Resources

At the foundation of BOOM’s core project offering lays a range of services that help support the Resources sector ticking.

These services include heavy lift projects coupled with fit for purpose assets, engineered lift designs, onsite management, speciality labour services, scheduling and facilities maintenance requirements.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our mining customers and cover the full range of maintenance requirements including:

  • Reclaimer builds and maintenance
  • Generator and main barring removal or installations
  • Removal of mechanical plant and equipment
  • Assisting with upgrades major plumbing & hydraulic systems
  • Rebuilds and maintenance of dump trucks buckets and diggers
  • Removal or installation of heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Maintenance on lifts & conveyors belts
  • General building fabric & key structures upgrades or removals

A profitable mine site requires its Industrial Service provider to make smart decisions about health and safety, asset allocation, resources and project execution. BOOM have been entrusted to carry out key disciplines from some of Australia’s largest miners.

BOOM’s Infrastructure team has been responsible for the safe and successful delivery of some of Australia’s largest and most challenging high profile projects.

As exciting as it is to deliver major infrastructure projects, BOOM are just as committed to our work on smaller, yet equally rewarding projects. From road and highways to rail bridges and telecommunication towers we are equipped for the task.

We aim to partner at every opportunity and never stop looking for ways to add more value to our customers. Our approach is to challenge the traditional way thinking and push for smarter more efficient ways to deliver our service, whilst always working with the highest level of safety standards on every project.

BOOM is proud to be one of the leaders across this booming sector and to be recognised as a partner for safety performance with a dedicated management team.

BOOM has been involved providing maintenance services and building wind farms since 2003, building wind farms for global OEM’s such as Vestas, Suzlon, Acciona, GE and Senvion. We continue to provide key partnerships to one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors.

Our expert teams are fully equipped with all the advanced skills necessary to support the construction and maintenance for Australia’s largest renewable energy projects.

Our expert maintenance and construction teams work seamlessly to create, implement and execute projects to the highest standards and to ensure connectivity and key milestones are achieved. We’re experts in our field when it comes to working at great heights and installing a tower, nacelle, hub or blades.

Depending on your specific project requirements, our in-house engineering team will help optimise your project with preplanning on Balance of Plant (BOP) site component logistics and installation optimisation.

Wind Farm Maintenance

Maintaining wind turbines in a maturing energy market is crucial to the reliability and operability for any wind farm.
Boom Renewables is focused on ensuring the OEM can meet its obligations on delivering energy yields to asset owners through continuous improvements, performance and uptime of assets.

With more than 15 years of experience Boom Renewables understand the critical importance of preventative and reactive maintenance, having performed major change outs on all OEM platforms. We have successfully collaborated with leading OEM’s to construct and install (C&I packages) over 750Mw of projects in Australia. We hold relevant electrical licensing providing project assurance and peace of mind for our wind farm customers.

Equipped with an array of tensioning and torqueing equipment and specialist electrical tooling we deliver a number of services across all platforms. These include major component change-outs, blade repairs, tower and blade cleaning, inspections, replacements, repair and performance of routine servicing to OEM specifications.

Reactive Maintenance

All assets including wind turbines can deteriorate over time. Having a robust maintenance plan in place will reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failure. Unforeseen asset failures can pose a risk and potentially lead to operational downtimes. Having said that if an unknown fault arises we can assess the condition of the turbine and determine the most cost-effective solution that will see the turbine back up and running as soon as physically possible.

Recognising operability and uptime is critical to the operational success and the longevity of maintaining and operating a wind farm, Boom Renewables can mobilise quickly and efficiently. Our national footprint helps deliver reduced mobilisation time and cost.

Reactive Maintenance services Include;

  • Gearbox removal and replacement
  • Generator removal and replacement
  • Main bearing removal and replacement
  • Pitch Bearing (Blade) removal and replacement
  • Rotor removal and replacement
  • Logistics support, managing the transport and handling of repair and replacement of components

Our project teams, crane crews, technicians and equipment are available 24/7 to service any critical emergency on any wind farm in Australia

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps wind farm asset owners and OEM’s extend the asset health and lifespan and will reduce O&M costs. Maintenance that is regularly performed on a wind turbine will lessen the likelihood of it failing. It can be performed while the wind farm is still operating.

The goal of carrying out preventative maintenance is always to minimise failures by detecting and fixing issues before they lead to costly downtime.

Boom Renewables preventive maintenance strategies and plans consist of three major components:

  • Systematic approach
  • Performed routinely
  • Focused on reducing or minimising failures

Preventative Maintenance services Include;

  • Routine and periodic servicing as per OEM specifications
  • Tower, nacelle and blade bolt tensioning/torqueing
  • Generator alignment
  • Repair and replacement of wind instrument systems
  • Vibration analysis
  • Damage assessments
  • Hoist/ elevator inspections, servicing, repair and certification

Maintaining energy assets is crucial for the distribution and supply of electricity to the homes we live in right across Australia.

BOOM has more than a decade of experience in this challenging sector and has successfully assisted with the delivery of major transmission line and energy distribution projects. We understand the critical importance of our work and we are focused on minimising any downtime and optimising operational efficiencies.

BOOM has gained operational experience in working with key players across Australia in energy transmission and distribution. We have the capabilities and equipment to service customers in metro regional and remote areas.

We provide a model that supports maintenance needs, and major and minor capital works programs such as installations of substations, lattice towers, poles and wires in both low and high voltage works.

Our assets and crews are required to work in de-energised environments. We hold the relevant licences to assist with both low voltage and high voltage projects.

Industrial Maintenance

BOOM’s Industrial Maintenance service delivery model sees us covering and maintaining the longevity of industrial plant and equipment including: heavy lift engineering services, to assisting with the pre-commissioning, through to maintenance and major shutdown services. We have been a trusted partner in the space with the likes of Alcoa, Australian Paper, BP, Caltex and Exxon Mobile for over 15 years.

BOOM holds long-term maintenance contracts with manufacturers and service providers in this sector. We have established strong integrated working relationships with our onsite technical teams and we are appointed as a key supplier to regularly showcase the experience required to significantly contribute to efficient operating and production outputs.

We are acknowledged as an integral provider to the annual shutdown schedules and planned maintenance programs for some of Australia’s largest companies. We are selected as a partner of choice for our alignment to our customer’s values in these high-risk environments where safety is the only measure of success. We do this by supplying a combination of expert resources, our own plant and equipment and innovative software technology that generates service and billing dockets and provides comprehensive reporting.

We provide rapid responses to all breakdown and repairs and carry out remedial works. Our in-house team of operators, riggers, mechanical fitters, engineers and contract managers are highly experienced in all types of production maintenance.


Critical networks must be reliable, and your construction projects need to meet key completion dates. For more than 12 years BOOM has been a trusted partner to some of Australia’s largest Telecommunication providers, including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. We offer a wide range of services for owners and principal contractors to drive operating efficiencies, cost savings and safety, while assuring the ongoing reliability and value of the telecommunication assets. With unmatched expertise in both greenfield builds, onsite audits and maintaining support infrastructure such as poles and antennas we service our customers all over Australia.

BOOM also maintains critical IT networks for road and rail assets across Australia. With over 270 pieces of specialist equipment and skilled operators we can provide our customers with a complete end-to-end solution on a 24/7 basis, ensuring your critical Telecommunication assets are at maximum operational efficiency and operability at all times.