We understand that effective project execution and expert lifting solutions can significantly reduce the total cost of a project. Our team has knowledge, experience and access to Australia’s largest fleet of speciality resources, cranes and equipment, to help achieve these efficiencies.

Our team will work collaboratively with customers to design and co-ordinate the safest and most efficient plan for any project.

For the demands of large-scale projects, support is also provided from our specialised Major Projects team. This team supports our customers with the complex engineering decisions, handling everything from safety management plans, project risks, quality assurance, and selection of the right cranes, mobilisation plans and speciality resources.

Our professional and expert team of more than 750 people across Australia also includes:

Project Managers:

supplied typically for long term construction projects, our managers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry

Site Managers:

provided for long term or tailored solutions.

Crane Operators:

provided for all mobile and crawler cranes on a wet hire basis.

Riggers and Dogmen:

provided for lifts with mobile and crawler cranes on a wet hire basis. This means that engineered lifting solutions are optimised at every opportunity for our customers.

Mechanics and Fitters:

our competent mechanical staff maintain mobile and crawler cranes and operate mobile repair services for cranes on any location or at our depots.

Supervisors and Engineers:

our trained supervisors have extensive knowledge in safety, equipment selection and engineering expertise specialising in CAD designs; they provide peace of mind to ensure the job gets done on time.


Diversity Policy

BOOM is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest talent to support its growth and performance objectives. We are committed to the treatment of all people with respect and recognise that our diversity and broad range of skills makes us strong. With a key element of BOOM’s value proposition based on our people’s capability and expertise, a diverse and talented workforce is a key competitive advantage that differentiates our service to the customers and the markets we support.

The BOOM Diversity Policy encompasses the entire organisation, including the Board, senior executive, management and all other employees. The policy recognises diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, disability and cultural background.

Indigenous program

Our commitment to indigenous affairs supports our customers and communities in Central Queensland and Western Australia. Our National Indigenous Employment Framework provides a basis for localised strategies for generating work opportunities and developing sustainable relationships with indigenous communities.

Training & development

Investment in developing our people is a key strategic priority.  Many of our supervisors have completed a Certificate IV in Frontline Management, with key projects generated from this program already implemented in the business.

We continue to invest in training and development for our operational staff to ensure operating tickets are maintained, safety standards are upheld, customer site inductions are current and operators are vocationally competent to meet the needs of our customers.