Naval Base recently completed the long-awaited Roelands Bridge upgrade project for Downer EDI and Arc Infrastructure. This project required the replacement of two rail bridge structures on the South West mainline railway and involved removing the old 25T steel spans and installing seven new 44T spans.

The first lift study BOOM completed for this project was in 2014, so this project has been a long time in the making. It was a critical and high profile project for both Arc and Downer due to the short window available for the works to be completed whilst the rail was shut down. The three cranes were set up simultaneously with the 450T installing two spans, the 750T three spans and the 300T two spans further down the line. With a crew of over 30 personnel working 24/7, the project was executed safely, ahead of time and within budget – a great team success!

Roelands (2)