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Boom’s 750T Heavy Lift Crane

At BOOM, we have boosted our service offering with a new back mast for the LR 1750 crawler crane.

Originally introduced for use on wind farm projects, the 750 tonne crawler crane has the advantage of offering higher capacity lifts at specialised industrial sites.

Extending the scope

We have now broadened the scope of work this crane can undertake. Improvements include:

  • significantly increased lifting capacity
  • ability to lift 212 tonnes at a radius of 40 metres, or 78 tonnes at 80 metres
  • a ballast guide frame with infinitely variable changes
  • a ballast radius range from a minimum of 13 metres to a maximum of 20 metres.

Get more done, safely

With the new set up available, the crane is capable of performing a wider range of heavy lift jobs with lower ground bearing capacities. Our customers are also guaranteed a swift turnaround time with the crane’s hydraulic quick release technology. In around 24 hours, the crane can be fully configured.

With the success of the added back mast, we are currently working on several large infrastructure projects along the East Coast of Australia.

For any enquiries about our service offering, please contact BOOM.

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