Diversity Policy

Diversity Policy 2019


The Company is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce where it sources, selects, develops and retains a diverse, skilled, experienced and engaged workforce comprising motivated employees from the widest possible pool of available talent. This includes diversity of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, marital or family status, religious beliefs or cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity and socio-economic background, perspective and experience.

We value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of our employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to provide exceptional services to an equally diverse community. It is our
Company’s objective to promote our team based on assessment of individual performance, capability and potential. Our leaders are committed to providing opportunities that allow our employees to reach their full potential irrespective of individual’s background or difference.


Boom is dedicated to growing a rich culture, diverse workforce and a work environment in which every employee is treated fairly and respectfully and given the opportunity to contribute to business success. Diversity in Boom refers to all characteristics that make individuals different from each other.

This Diversity and Inclusion Policy has been established to assist the Company, its officers and employees, to leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce and to contribute to the achievement of its strategic objectives by:

  • Communicating the Company’s intent, priorities and practices so that everyone is aware of expectations and standards;
  • Creating greater transparency and accountability in achieving the Company’s goals; and
  • Driving business results.

Boom understands that the wide array of experiences and individual perspectives resulting from such diversity supports our vision to be recognised as the industry leader in the provision of lifting services to
the Australian market and underpins our values which define how we do business.

  • Customer Focus – everything begins with the customer.
  • Safety Always – continue our journey towards zero harm.
  • Developing our People – commitment to the future.
  • Teamwork – working together to achieve our best
  • Innovation – looking for new ways to do things.
  • Respect – for each other and all stakeholders.

The Boom values are an uncompromising foundation of our organisation, guiding our decisions, our behaviours and the way we do business to maximise returns for our shareholders.

This policy applies to the Board, all Boom Logistics employees and any outsourced workers acting on the Company’s behalf.
ASX means ASX Limited or, if the context requires, the securities exchange operated by it.
Board means the Board of Directors of Boom Logistics Limited.
Company refers to Boom Logistics Limited, its subsidiary companies, operating divisions and business units.
Director means any person who is appointed to the Board and includes alternate directors.

2.1 Philosophy and principles
This Diversity and Inclusion Policy is based on the following philosophy and core principles of the Company:

  • The Company’s culture reflects the diversity of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate;
  • Decisions about recruitment, development, promotion and remuneration (including gender pay equity) are based on performance and developing capabilities so that a diverse range of candidates are considered and guarded against conscious or unconscious biases;
  • The Company’s business practices promote equality of opportunity throughout all aspects of the employment lifecycle and ensure that everyone enjoys an inclusive work environment where discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimisation will not be

The Company will set measurable objectives for gender diversity which will be monitored and reviewed. Boom is committed to building a diverse workforce that is provided with opportunities to develop skill and experience for career advancement, learning and development.

2.2 Diversity and Inclusion work programme
To ensure the Company achieves its diversity and inclusion objectives it will:

  • Identify and implement initiatives to develop a talented and diverse workforce;
  • Create a supportive and understanding workplace environment in which all individuals feel welcome, respected and heard, and where they can realise their full potential
  • Remove barriers to achieve a genuinely diverse and talented workforce;
  • Engage our workforce to ensure we identify high potential people and provide for succession planning so that we retain, train, develop, manage and fairly promote our valued employees;
  • Develop employee and manager support resources to improve flexible working arrangements to support our employees, recognising that employees (male and female) at all levels may have domestic responsibilities;
  • Provide the opportunity (without obligation) for parents on extended parental leave to receive staff communications and to attend company functions or training sessions;
  • Review and understand the reasons for resignations so we can act to improve any aspects of employment; and
  • Ensure all employees are aware of the Company’s commitment to diversity and understand their own responsibilities towards enabling a diverse workforce.

3.1 The Board, will be updated of the Policy progress in the status reports. The Board will:

  • Review and monitor the implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Policy;
  • Agree and set measurable objectives to achieve greater workforce Diversity & Inclusion;
  • It is the responsibility of all executives, managers and employees to comply with the Company’s Diversity Policy and report any violations to record and measure the success of the policy;
  • Review and assess the Company’s progress and its ability to achieve the stated objectives annually; and
  • Report details of progress whereby the Company meets achievable and measurable  objectives

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis (at least annually) to ensure that it aligns with the Company’s values, strategic objectives and obligations and to check that it operating effectively and whether any changes are required.


Our People
Diversity supports and encourages an inclusive environment that embraces employee strengths and provides opportunities for all staff to reach their full potential. Diversity in the workplace assists in the recruitment process allowing for a wider workforce with an increased talent pool of skilled and experienced employees who, over time, will be supported and encouraged to pursue their career aspirations which may include senior executive and board positions. In order to attract a various range of candidates, we commit to designing and implementing new initiatives such as training & development, flexible working arrangements and career opportunities and increasing employee engagement.

Boom Logistics recognises that to create a high-performance culture our employees will need to feel inspired, engaged and empowered. Employing a diverse range of people is significant to Boom as it is central to our values and success. We value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of our employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to
provide exceptional services to an equally diverse community. Boom is dedicated to growing a rich culture, diverse workforce and working environment in which every employee is treated fairly, respected and has the opportunity to contribute to business success.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion aims to identify and embrace the varied ideas and skills that reflect our differences. Diversity at Boom refers to all characteristics that make individuals different from each other. It includes factors such as personality, educational backgrounds, parental status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, religion and any other area of potential difference.

We recognise that:

  • Diverse and inclusive teams promote innovation, performance and productivity;
  • Diversity assists to attract and maintain a skilled and diverse workforce that best represents our talent to our customers and community;
  • Diverse communities provide a valuable source of talent and a wide range of benefits; and
  • Diversity promotes a business culture that values and engages differences by developing and offering work arrangements that meet the needs of the entire workforce.

Boom is predominately focused on four areas in the business: Gender Diversity, Local Participation; Cultural Diversity and Generational Diversity. In addition, Boom’s commitment to inclusion provides support to a broad range of minority groups. Boom’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace is formalised in the Company’s Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Diversity
The primary aim of the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy is to increase and leverage the diversity that exists across the organisation. This includes increasing and retaining the number of women employed at all levels by seeking to overcome the challenges associated with the relatively small number of women entering the Crane and Industrial Services industry. It is
Boom’s aim to promote and maintain a work environment that values and utilises the contributions of women with diverse backgrounds and experience throughout the business.

As Boom increases female participation, we are seeking to ensure that women are represented in the operational and leadership roles in the business. Boom will endeavour to develop these individuals’ skills to engage and mould the leaders of tomorrow.

Boom operates across some sectors in which female equality has traditionally lagged behind other major industries. We are committed to overcoming the challenges this presents by focusing on practical ways to attract, develop and retain female talent. Each year Boom will progress towards a balanced representation of women at a Board and Senior Management level and in other identified leadership roles.

Local Participation
Boom is committed to building long lasting relationships with our community and customers through mutual trust and respect.

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by creating relationships that deliver lasting benefits. We do this by recruiting locally, partnering with local suppliers and investing in important community initiatives.

Cultural Diversity
Boom affirms its commitment to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander employees and their communities. The nature of our operations finds us working across the urban, rural and remote communities of Australia, including areas incorporating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander
peoples and their communities. Boom strives to increase and retain the number of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders employed and increase opportunities for indirect economic participation.

Boom recognises multi-culturism of ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian society and actively pursues equality of opportunity for all Australians to participate and maintain ethnic and cultural heritages within the Boom Diversity and Inclusion framework.

We will ensure that the practice of multi-culturism is directed to the values of tolerance, a fair go, non-discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion and the opportunity to fulfil ones’ potential.

Generational Diversity
It is significant to Boom that we have a workforce composed of different age demographics as each generation brings different perspectives and levels of experience to our business.

Booms priority is to retain experienced workers and to train the leaders of the future. Boom will continue to work towards retaining these individuals to pass knowledge to the next generation of leaders to increase the likelihood of business success.

It is also imperative Boom recruit young talent allowing for effective succession planning, developing respected and capable leaders of the future. It is Boom’s priority to develop the capability of younger employees to support their growth into operational and management roles in the future.

As a leader in our industry, it is Boom’s priority to set the benchmark for our industry to become an employer of choice. Boom will work towards constantly improving our diversity amongst the workforce, investing in our industry, business and employees in order for our business and the
communities we work in to thrive.

Further information and assistance

Adherence to this policy will generally ensure compliance with BOOM’s requirements and legislation. However, there may be instances where inadvertent breaches could occur. When in doubt users requiring assistance with interpretation of the policy, or who wish to report an incident, should contact:

National Human Resources on 07 3868 6810

Gender Equality Reporting

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 focuses on promoting and improving gender equality and outcomes for both women and men in the workplace. BOOM has submitted a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to comply with the legislative requirement, which is available for comment to the Agency or BOOM’s Human Resources team.

Workplace Gender Equality Reporting 2021-2022