Diversity Policy

Diversity Policy – June 2011

1. Diversity principles

BOOM Logistics is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest talent to ensure business growth and performance. We are committed to engaging the best people to do the best job possible. Our Code of Conduct confirms the organisations belief in treating all people with respect and recognises that our diversity and different skills makes us strong.

At BOOM Logistics, diversity includes differences that relate to gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and cultural background. We recognise that having a diverse and talented workforce is a key competitive advantage that differentiates our service in the marketplace and is a benefit to the Company as a whole. Diversity also benefits individuals and teams and enables us to reflect the diversity of our customers and the markets we operate in, all of which adds value to our operations and delivery of our strategy.

The BOOM Logistics’ Diversity Policy will encompass people at all levels within the Company (including Board, senior executive, management and all other employees).

2. Implementation

In order to affect a structured approach to managing diversity within the Company, the following actions will be undertaken:

a. The Company will develop and implement strategies, initiatives and programs to promote the Diversity Principles outlined above, in its management structures.

b. In particular, the Company will set measurable objectives, and targets or key performance indicators (KPIs), for the strategies, initiatives and programs to achieve Gender Diversity.

c. The CEO and Senior Executive management will monitor, review and report to the Board the Company’s progress under this Policy.

d. We will report on the status of Gender Diversity KPI’s in our annual report.

3. Responsibility for Policy

Although the Board retains ultimate accountability for this Policy, the Board has delegated responsibility for Policy implementation to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In turn the CEO has delegated to the General Manager Human Resources responsibility for the administration of the Policy.

The CEO will conduct an annual review of this policy (which will include a review of the effectiveness of the policy), discuss any required changes with senior executive management and ensure that any revisions to this policy are approved by the Board.

4. Measurable objectives, targets & KPIs

While the achievement of diversity in all areas is important to BOOM Logistics, as an entity listed on the Australian Stock Exchange the Board is required to establish measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity and assess these objectives on an annual basis. We are also required to disclose in our annual report the gender diversity objectives set by the Board and the progress towards achieving them.

Accordingly, the Board has delegated the requirement for senior executive management to:

a. Develop for approval by the Board:

i. Measurable objectives concerning the strategies, initiatives and programs for gender diversity, and

ii. Targets or KPIs to verify progress towards attainment of those gender diversity objectives.

b. Measure performance against those targets and KPIs, and

c. Report to the Board on the progress of these objectives and targets as required.

In addition to Gender Diversity, senior executive management will report to the Board in relation to diversity in areas such as age, ethnicity, disability and cultural background as required.

5. Compliance requirements

There are a number of compliance requirements related to diversity, particularly under the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (2nd Edition) (ASX Principles). BOOM Logistics aims to meet these requirements by:

a. Establishing this Policy as a compliant Policy under ASX Principle 3.2 by:

i. Establishing measureable objectives for achieving Gender Diversity, and

ii. The Board assessing annually the measurable objectives for achieving Gender Diversity and the progress in achieving them.

b. Disclosing this Policy, or a summary of it on the Company Website, under ASX Principle 3.2

c. In its annual report, and in accordance with ASX Principle 3.4, disclosing the processes the Board adopts and the criteria the Board takes into consideration in its selection of prospective new Board members

d. In its annual report, and in the terms of ASX Principles 3.3 and 3.4, disclosing:

i. the measurable objectives for achieving Gender Diversity set by the Board in accordance with the terms of this Policy

ii. the progress from time to time towards achieving them, and

iii. the proportions in the Company (relative to their male counterparts) of

1. female employees

2. females in senior executive positions, and

3. females on the Board

e. Incorporating in the corporate governance statement in the Company’s annual report a statement as to the mix of skills and diversity that the Board is looking to achieve in its membership, in the terms of ASX Principle 2.6.

The General Manager of Human Resources will be responsible for the collation of data in order to meet reporting obligations as outlined in (d). The CFO will be responsible for assuring that the Company meets its disclosure requirements in the annual report and on the company website.

6. Communication

The Company commits to the communication of this Policy internally, and to its shareholders and the market including via its website:

a. By way of transparency and accountability, and

b. To better promote the prospects of attainment of these Diversity Principles.

7. Addenda to policy

The following shall constitute addenda to this Policy as if set out within it:

a. Approved strategies, initiatives and programs; referred to in paragraph 2 a), and

b. Approved measurable objectives, and targets or KPIs; referred to in paragraph 2 as may apply from time to time.

8. Overriding proviso

Nothing in this Policy shall be taken, interpreted or construed so as to endorse:

a. the principal criteria for selection and promotion of people to work within the Company being anything other than their ability to meet the success criteria specific to the role and their overall fit to the Company; with the overriding objective being that the candidate who demonstrates the highest likelihood of contributing to enhanced Company performance will be selected or promoted

b. any discriminatory behaviour by or within the Company that is contrary to law, or any applicable code of conduct or behaviour for the Company and its employees, or any existing person within the Company in any way being threatened or prejudiced by this Policy, whether in their career development or otherwise, merely because their attributes may be different to those of others.

Further information and assistance

Adherence to this policy will generally ensure compliance with BOOM’s requirements and legislation. However, there may be instances where inadvertent breaches could occur. When in doubt users requiring assistance with interpretation of the policy, or who wish to report an incident, should contact:

National Human Resources on 07 3868 6810

Gender Equality Reporting

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 focuses on promoting and improving gender equality and outcomes for both women and men in the workplace. BOOM has submitted a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to comply with the legislative requirement, which is available for comment to the Agency or BOOM’s Human Resources team.

2019-2020 Workplace Gender Equality Report