The company was incorporated on 22 December 2000, as the vehicle to carry out future acquisitions. Originally named The Australian Crane Company, over its first few years the company acquired a range of successful private businesses, which held strategic positions in the Australian crane industry.

The initial round of acquisitions:

  • Alpha Crane Hire (WA)
  • Uniway Crane Hire (WA)
  • Midland Crane Hire (WA)


  • Sutville (Victoria)
  • General Contractors (Victoria)


  • Brambles Perth Cranes (WA)
  • Brambles Goldfields Cranes (WA)

In October 2003, the name was changed, and BOOM Logistics Limited was successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX code BOL).

The listing enabled the successful raising of additional capital to acquire the next group of established businesses.

  • Conmor Cranes (Victoria)
  • Heavy Lift Cranes (Victoria)
  • Port Kembla Cranes (NSW)
  • Purcell Cranes (WA)
  • Holts (Queensland)

The completion of these acquisitions provided BOOM Logistics with a national spread of operations as well as an unmatched presence across geographic regions and a good spread across different industries.

The next round of acquisitions up to June 2008 included:

  • Sherrin Hire (National)
  • James Equipment (Victoria)
  • G.M. Baden (NSW)
  • D&D Crane Hire (NSW)
  • Moorland Hire (Victoria)