Company Charter

Our purpose is to create value through the provision of innovative customer and market focused lifting services to the Australian market.

To create and achieve sustainable growth, we must:

  • Actively manage and build our business with high quality assets and customer focused services.
  • Drive for operational excellence and high performance in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.
  • Be open and honest in our relationships and communications with employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders and consistently deliver on commitments.

We value:

  • Safety and environment – we are committed to the safety and the well being of our employees, customers and general public.
  • Integrity – doing what we say we will do.
  • High performance – we will constantly strive to achieve superior business and operational levels of performance.
  • Win-win relationships – having relationships between ourselves, customers, suppliers and shareholders that focus on creating value for all parties.
  • The courage to lead change – to face our challenges head on.
  • Respect for each other – to treat others in a way that we would expect to be treated.

We are successful in creating value when:

  • Our shareholders are realising a superior return on their investment.
  • Our customers and suppliers are benefiting from our business relationship.
  • Every employee feels a sense of value, purpose and contribution in being part of BOOM Logistics.